Indigenous Investment Principles

Client: Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)


To develop a set of principles to guide how Traditional Owner groups and Indigenous organisations exchange Native Title for sustainable economic outcomes and use those funds for prudent commercial investment. 

These principles needed to be developed with an understanding that every community has different circumstances, heritage and ambitions that influence investment decisions. 

Our role:

We led the process of developing the first Indigenous Investment Principles. These were, in part, modelled on the International Sovereign Wealth Funds principles (Santiago Principles), and we engaged former Chair of the International Sovereign Wealth Funds, David Murray AO, to provide a greater depth of understanding for stakeholders. Over a two-year period, we consulted with more than 40 Traditional Owner groups and Indigenous organisations across Australia, as well as with other investors and advisors. We also worked with the resource sector, which has agreements with Traditional Owners.


The first ever Indigenous Investment Principles have been created that provide a common framework to help identify objectives and expected outcomes of each community and guide prudent investment. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched the Indigenous Investment Principles in Sydney on 7 December 2015.

…the creation of the Indigenous Investment Principles is a great example of collaboration and innovation led by people who have embraced change in a sustainable way to provide opportunities for now and into the future.’ – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) and Indigenous Investment Principles