We are experts in negotiating economic development, land and sea management, developing Reconciliation Action Plans and other strategic and planning documents important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their stakeholders.

Our approach is to bring all stakeholders to the table in a way that’s culturally appropriate and encourages honest, robust conversation. We believe in ‘relationships before transactions’.

We facilitate discussions through workshops and stakeholder meetings, developing solutions through an iterative process that keeps stakeholders involved, engaged and informed throughout the process.

We gather data and information from all available sources, so that our decision-making and negotiation comes from a position of strength.

We understand that the Reconciliation Action Plans and strategic documents we help develop are only as good as their implementation and adoption – so we work hard to ensure they are meaningful and practical.

Our work exists to connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in ways that help our shared journey to reconciliation and create long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. 

Project highlights

  • Australia’s first whole-of-government Reconciliation Action Plan – Queensland Government
  • Indigenous Economic Reporting Tool – Indigenous Business Australia
  • Indigenous Investment Principles – Indigenous Business Australia
  • Bunya Mountains Aboriginal Aspirations and Caring for Country Plan
  • Indigenous Heritage Values of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Indigenous Sector Practice – Ernst and Young
  • Aboriginal Tourism Development Plan for the Great Ocean Road

What our clients say

  • Thanks for your awesome work on the Great Ocean Road Aboriginal Tourism Plan Guiding Principles, Ken!
    Jocelyn King CEO First Australians Capital
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