Indigenous economic independence pillars

Indigenous economic empowerment is leveraged by an ecosystem of socio-economic opportunities and achieved over time through sustained efforts of self-sufficiency, cultural retention and wealth creation.

Informed consent

Aboriginal Knowledge: It's not how old you are but how old the knowledge is that you have responsibility for. There are plenty of 43 year old boys and girls out there. Our knowledge is earned not learnt. Our knowledge can only be sought and given by knowledge holders ... it can't be procured by obtaining three quotes. This knowledge has been developed through time immemorial trial and error. At best Australia only has around 200 years of ‘qualitative’ scientific data on how to manage country.

So what is Aboriginal Knowledge?

NACCHO Aboriginal Health News 2017

Each year on the anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generations the Close the Gap Report is tabled in Parliament. Unfortunately, after millions of dollars of investment, most of the targets are struggling to close and some are in fact getting worse.