Our team is renowned for our skills in facilitation, mediation and negotiation. Our purposeful style is open, warm and direct. 

A number of important principles underpin our approach to bringing people together to share ideas, resolve conflict and develop shared solutions.

These include:

  • respect for cultural protocols
  • consideration of gender issues when communicating in a cultural context
  • the use of plain language in all communication
  • free, prior and informed consent of Traditional Owners, particularly in regard to maintaining intellectual property
  • the use of appreciative inquiry, allowing participants to engage from a positive point of view.

When we facilitate a workshop or meeting, we will always: 

  • ensure cultural sensitivities and protocols are observed
  • allow sufficient time and space for group interaction, discussion and reflection
  • adhere to agreed timeframes, topics and objectives
  • identify actions and accurately summarise commitments for post-workshop activity
  • capture important conversations and achieve the workshop objectives.

What our clients say

  • Thanks for your awesome work on the Great Ocean Road Aboriginal Tourism Plan Guiding Principles, Ken!
    Jocelyn King CEO First Australians Capital
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