Our team is renowned for our skills in facilitation, mediation and negotiation. Our purposeful style is open, warm and direct. 

A number of important principles underpin our approach to bringing people together to share ideas, resolve conflict and develop shared solutions.

These include:

  • respect for cultural protocols
  • consideration of gender issues when communicating in a cultural context
  • the use of plain language in all communication
  • free, prior and informed consent of Traditional Owners, particularly in regard to maintaining intellectual property
  • the use of appreciative inquiry, allowing participants to engage from a positive point of view.

When we facilitate a workshop or meeting, we will always: 

  • ensure cultural sensitivities and protocols are observed
  • allow sufficient time and space for group interaction, discussion and reflection
  • adhere to agreed timeframes, topics and objectives
  • identify actions and accurately summarise commitments for post-workshop activity
  • capture important conversations and achieve the workshop objectives.

What our clients say

  • Ken – very grateful for your professionalism and insightful facilitation of our 3 day Reef wide Traditional Owner Workshop. It was extremely challenging at times, but in those times your respectful and knowing approach always got us through. The governance session was profound and your professional facilitation of that session will be important for many years to come. Helping us lay a solid foundation for what is to become an exciting legacy. Thanks a million for your hard work. It won’t be forgotten!
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